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This is, like the title says, how to protect against an STD. The best protection is abstinence, but for those determined to have sex, here are some other ways of protecting yourself.

  1. Get tested.. If you are determined to have sex, then make sure that both you and your partner get tested for STD's. Keep in mind that some STD tests will not be completely accurate if sufficient time between your last sexual encounter and the test is not observed. An example of this is the HIV test, which can take about 3 months after your sexual encounter before you will know for sure whether you have HIV or not.
  2. Use a condom (not just for intercourse, also for oral sex). Condom use is the next best thing that you can use to protect yourself against STD. It greatly reduces your risk of contracting HIV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, and other things; however, keep in mind that it is still not a good idea to have sex with a person who has tested positive for any of the above regardless of whether you use a condom or not.
  3. Use latex barriers for all sex acts with anyone you are not in a mutually monogamous relationship. This may include latex gloves and/or dental dams depending on the act.
  4. Practice ABSTINENCE. Obviously avoiding any situation that might lead to you contracting an STD will prevent you from contracting an STD. This includes oral sex, not just intercourse.
  5. Just don't have sex and you'll be fine.
  6. . Use probability analysis

a. If you go to a prostitute, there is a VERY high chance that you will get an STD of some sort.

b. If you choose to sleep with a person that has a history of sleeping with a lot of other people, the probability of you getting an STD is lower than 6(a), but still high.

c. If you choose to date somebody over time, get to know them, find out about their background and get tested and then sleep with them, the probability that you will get an STD is little to nothing.

Hence, being smart is also important to not getting an STD. Don't be foolish and do things that inherently have a high probability/risk of you getting an STD.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

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